Warkworth Show 2018

The following changes to the Constitution of the Show will be proposed at the AGM to be held on 8th February 2018 in the Memorial Hall.


There shall be an annual general meeting each year.


At an AGM, the members shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who shall hold office from the conclusion of that meeting until the next AGM. These officers may stand for re-election for a tenure of up to 3 years in office. An officer willing to serve for an extended period shall be permitted to do so if endorsed unanimously by members of the Executive Committee.


1) At the AGM the members shall elect a President who shall hold office for one year.

The President may stand for re-election for a tenure of up to 3 years in office. A President willing to serve for an extended period shall be permitted to do so if endorsed unanimously by members of the Executive Committee.


This shall consist of not less than seven and not more than eleven members being:

1. The honorary officers

2. One representative from each of the 3 subcommittees

3. Up to 4 co-opted members.

Warkworth Show 2017

Friday 10th February
Warkworth Show Annual General Meeting
The AGM of the Warkworth Show was held in the Memorial Hall, Warkworth on Thursday 9th February with President Tom Pattinson in the chair.
Dr. Sally Sample presented the report of the Executive Committee and a review of the 2016 show.  Treasurer Dr. Alan Conn explained the annual accounts which have the Show in a sound financial position.
Mrs Sally Black gave the report of the Industrial Committee which covers the show entries for art, crafts, baking, children’s works, photography and written works.  Mrs. Black highlighted that there were over one thousand entries in the Industrial categories.
Mr. John Howie presented the report of the Horticultural Committee and noted with pleasure, an increase in the number of younger entrants at last year’s show.
Show Chairman, Mr. Chris Howliston thanked the officers and committees for their support and considerable efforts, which ensured a highly successful show last year and with preparations already underway for the coming August event.
Mr. Howliston said, “For a village our size it is a real community effort to put on such a substantial event and though a small number of dedicated people take on a very great part of that burden, the range of additional volunteers enables us to keep going and provide a thoroughly enjoyable day out for visitors and exhibitors”.
In recognition of many years as a senior Horticulture Judge, the meeting elected Mr. Tommy Swan a Vice-President
The Honorary Officers were re-elected with President Tom Pattinson, Chairman Chris Howliston, Vice-Chairman Simon Buist, Secretary Dr. Sally Sample, Treasurer Dr. Alan Conn.
This year’s Show will take place on Saturday 19th August at Warkworth Castle.
Further information: Derek Conway on 07515 419050 or email derek@derekconway.com

Warkworth Show
Proposed amendments to Constitution AGM 2017
Clauses A, B, C, D as per 2010
Clause E, para 4 to read: Appoint Friends of Warkworth Show from nominations received from the subcommittees.  (For a subscription to be agreed at each annual general meeting (AGM), Friends of Warkworth Show will receive two entrance tickets to the annual show.)
This shall consist of not less than ten and not more than eleven members being:
para 1 to read: The Honorary officers
 para 2 to read: The secretaries of the subcommittees
 para 3 to read: A second representative from each of the subcommittees
 para 4 to read: One co-opted member
Clause J to read:  There shall be a quorum of the executive committee when at least two of the honorary officers plus at least 50% of the remaining members of the executive committee are present at a meeting.  Every matter shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present, but, in the case of equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.
The executive committee will:
            1    Keep minutes of its meetings.
            2    Make policy decisions for the staging of an annual exhibition.
            3    Appoint three subcommittees known as:
  • the Horticultural Committee
  • the Industrial Committee
  • the Event Management Committee.
                These subcommittees will submit to the Executive Committee:
  • minutes of their meetings
  • the names of their Chairmen and Secretaries, having held annual elections.
            4    Identify and delegate, with the agreement of the three
                  subcommittees, the main tasks which need to be carried out before
                 the day of the annual show, as well as on show day and at other
                 times as necessary.
            5    Receive from the Horticultural and Industrial Committees:
  • recommendations for rules for exhibitors
  • decisions concerning classes to appear in the show schedule in their sections
  • recommendations for the prize monies to be awarded in the sections for which they are responsible
  • recommendations for appropriate judges in each class for which they are responsible.
            6    Receive from the Events Management Committee:
                        - details of arrangements and plans for the staging of the
                         annual show
                        - details of security and safety arrangements.
            7    Publish annually a show schedule which will include at least:
  • the objects of Warkworth Show
  • rules for exhibitors
  • the classes which are to be staged.
Clause N –  replace Alnwick District Council with Warkworth Parish Council
If anyone would like a copy of the present Constitution please contact
            Sally Sample  e-mail emberside@btinernet.com
                                     tel. 01665 711321
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